Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cheyenne, Wyoming Territory 1879

Very interesting letter from, a man with his brother, who were locked up in a Cheyenne, Wyoming Territory, jail dated Apr 17 1879, to a Mr. Allen, with content, which reads in part, as follows,

I was glad to hear from you. I am very much obliged to you for the recommendation, which I think will do me considerable good. I received some papers, which I am very much obliged for. If you see Mr. Steele, tell him I wish that he would send me another recommendation... [for] while my brother was tearing up some letters, he tore it ... before he noticed what it was ... As for dead-beating [catching free rides on freight trains] my way through life, it is something which I do not intend to do], as we had no money and wanted to get out West, it was the only way we had to do it. I intend, if we get out in May, to go to some Ranch, as they call it, and to to work. I think some of going to Leadville [Colorado] which is only about 175 miles from here, and see Will Davenport and get a job down there if I can. I was in a [news] paper here ... that the people were dying at the rate of about 15 per day on account of the water ... The conductor, I don't see how he can make it out [as] assault, when he swears he hit us first, and we fight in self-defense. It is a very weary job to wait so long a time for trial. I have nothing to read, only what papers I get from home, and from you. We was arrested on the 7th of Dec., and have been in jail ever since. We asked the sheriff this morning when Court set [sat], and he said that it not set until the 3rd week in May, which is quite a while to wait yet. There is 16 prisoners in here at present, two road agents, one murderer, one for rape, one for illegal voting, some serving a small sentence, and three for assault. Tell Dan that the road agents are the ones that were in that robbery that ... [was] in thw Watertown Dispatch [was published in WAtertown, New York]. Tell Brete I wish he would write to me. I should be glad if Dan would write. I wish you would send the paper while I am in here, and I will pay you for it when I get out. Tell them if they write to inclose stamp, paper & envelope, as it is very scarce here at present ... When you send the paper ... [make] in care of Geo. A. Draper, Sheriff ... [signed] William C. Williams."

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