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1862 Letter From Confederate Soldier Andrew Jackson Bass in Camp Lee Virginia

1862 Letter From Confederate Soldier Andrew Jackson Bass in Camp Lee Virginia

38th Alabama Infantry, C.S.A.

October 31, 1862

Camp Lee, near Richmond.

Dear wife it is with pleasure I seat my self down to inform you that I am not well at this (time? ) [unreadable due to water damage] to be up I hope these few (lines?) may reach you soon and find you and the children all well. ?

I can say to you it would be more satisfaction to me to be at home with you and my dear little children. That is all so (?) and dear to me than it (unreadable) Confederate States is (worth ? unreadable) to me though I am here and (unreadable) for me to get off.

I was supposed to be examined yesterday. Dear wife, don’t grieve for me it will do no good but let me say to you pray for me with all your heart that if we never meet on earth again that we may meet in heaven where parting will be no more.

Go to meeting as often as you can and take the children and tell at this point it ends and takes up on another page, sentence unfinished) Dear Wife let me say to you content yourself as much as you can. I think if peace is not made by Christmas I can get a discharge by then any how:

I will say to you we may be hear 2 or 3 months all that had had the measles was carried on to regiment the rest was left hear to stay til they have them. We are living on half rations. Here corn is 8 dollars a bushel sweet potatoes 6 dollars.

I can say to you I landed here this day was 2 weeks ago .I have been a waiting thinking I would get off and I will keep a trying for it . I don’t think they will keep me very long. I will say to you I want you to rite to me as soon as you can when you get this letter. Direct your letter to camp lee near Richmond in care of Colonel Sheets to the 3 Ala conscripts.

So nothing more at present only remain your loving and affectionate 

Notes: Andrew Jackson Bass was born 1830 in Blue Springs, Barbour Co, Alabama. He married Ellander "Ellen" Davis born July 28, 1839 in Abbieville, Henry Co, Alabama. They married September 17, 1857 in Barbour Co, Alabama. Their children were all born in Barbour Co. Children: Thomas B. Bass abt. 1857 Henry Wilburn Bass 1859 Andrew J. Bass,Jr. June 1861 Ellen had 2 children after her husband's death. Elsey Bass abt. 1865 John Jessie Marion Bass February 02, 1869 Ellen Davis Bass died abt. 1916 in Barbour Co, Alabama.

This letter From Andrew Jackson Bass to his wife, Ellendar Davis Bass Dated October 31, 1862 Written from Camp Lee, Virginia. He was in a hospital at Camp Lee, near Richmond, Virginia. He had contracted measles and died on November 20, 1862, just 20 days after this letter was written.

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