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Dr. B. B. Allen to Dr. Charles H. Carothers of Missouri February 19, 1869

Dr. B. B. Allen to Dr. Charles H. Carothers of Missouri February 19, 1869
An 1869 letter
Freeport Sacramento County California

February 19, 1869

Dr. C. H. Carothers—

Sir—I presume that you will be surprised by the receipt of this letter, but I hope you will reply and I hope that this will be the commencement of a long and friendly correspondence. I am well ‘posted’ about the troubles in your country and rejoice when I reflect about the honor of ‘war’, and know that I escaped just in time to avoid the strife between the north and the south. I would have been classed with the Southern sympathizers and probably lost all of my property, if not my life, and sir, I was suspicious before leaving Mo that this would be trouble consequently, and my influence to persuade my brothers in law to immigrate with me and I do not regret it.

It is true, I am not as well contented as I have been in other countries, but I am living in the most delightful climate in the world, and have a good home and a good reputation. My practice amounts to about $2000 per year. I am living within 7 miles of Sacramento city. My practice extends about half way. You would be delighted with this country. We have no winter—our farmers plow and plant seed at all times of the year. All of the tropical fruits grow to perfection. If you move to this country, you will not regret it. You could do well in Sacramento City.

You are aware no doubt, that there is a great change in the treatment of nearly all ? Breeding, purging and starving our patients is to a great extent ‘played out,’ the physicians in this Country use but very little Calomel or Bluemass. Our treatment is from principally dimitres (?), drop(?) and tonics, --Quinine is used to excess in nearly all cases of fever. We have a great deal of Fever on Sacramento River or I might say in the Sacramento Valley.

As to mining, it is just in its infancy. New mines are being discovered daily and will be for the nest 500 years. The mineral wealth of this country is not known. George H. Parkson studied medicine with me graduated San Francisco and is now practicing in Dutch Flat.

Jos. Parkson is now reading with me and will attend lectures next summer in San Francisco. Sandy Parkson is going to school in Healsburg California.

California is ‘fast country.’ We have ‘fast’ men, ‘fast’ women and ‘fast’ horses. Our currency is Gold and Silver. Those who are so fortunate as to have any, spend it freely.

If you wish any information about this country, I will be happy to give you the [?] information. If you reply and promise to correspond with me regularly, I will write you long letters and give you some idea about the country, mines & c. & c. Do not come to the [?] that we differ politically and refuse to write. I am a conservative man and do not care but very little about political matter.

Consequently, we will leave politics out of our correspondence. Let me hear from Mr. Himik your father in law. Also Highwood and Simon Himik. Are you practicing medicine now? Do you do any that belongs to the duties of the profession now; ‘ on an empty stomach? Be sure to write me soon and I will write you interesting letter in reply.

Yours, B. B. Allen.

P.S. Let me know your opinion about Dr. Himik’s practice of medicine. Also Wook Lake Practice.

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