Monday, October 08, 2007


HENRY WALLER SURVEYOR - 5 LETTERS - 1840S Item number: 260168648165

LETTERS PERTAINING TO HENRY WALLER - CIVIL ENGINEER IN NEW ORLEANS, ETC. - 1. Four Page Letter Dated July 7, 1843 New York - From Joseph Waller to Henry Waller at Donaldsonville, Paris of Ascension, La. - Regarding Family Matters - 2. Four Page Letter from Mother in New Orleans to Henry Waller at Land Office Donaldsonville, Dated March 16, 1845 - Family Matters - Caring for very sick daughter, etc. - 3. Letter Postmarked "Steam 5" - Addressed to Henry Waller - State Engineers Office - New Orleans, Dated March 9, 1846 - On Steamer Clinton From Brother William - Regarding Survey Business & Prospects for work - 4. Letter Addressed to Henry Waller, Asst. State Engineer, New Orleans - Baton Rouge - Dated March 20.1846 with "Steam 5" Cancellation Postmark - Regarding Family Matters & Surveying Business - 5. Draft of a Letter to Hon. Henry Johnson, Washington City - from Henry Waller for appointment of Survey General of Louisiana - Mentions references of General Taylor and his experiences of three and half years etc.

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