Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Morriss family Letters of Lynchburg, Va

Spanning a time period beginning 1920 thru 1930, 5 envelopes addressed to various Morriss family members of Lynchburg, Va. There is family gossip and much talk of investing and financial dealings. Some of the letters are handwritten and some typed.

One sample letter reads: Jan. 26, 1926. Dear Sisters, I have been intending to write you a few lines since my return, but have been putting it off from day to day as I have had no news of interest to write. I found everybody pretty well on my return and went to Va. Beach last Friday and ate New Years dinner with the family. All of them were there and they had a nice turkey for dinner. Emerson and Meyer came that morning. We had a joint note from Louise this A.M. saying they were all well. They left here last Sunday for Baltimore. Don't ever refer to what I told you in regard to the history of Louis's case to Etta or any one as it was told me as a secret, and it will do no good now to stir it up, just let it be a thing of the past and don't let Louis know that you know it. I guess she suffered enough over the matter. There will be a big banquet at Monticello Hotel Friday night which will be $5.00 a plate. We will have some distinguished speakers such as Gov. Trinkle, Gov. elect Byrd, some of the Admirals and others as well as good music and I judge good eats. I have applied for a reservation. I suppose you have seen in the papers about the fire in the Governors mansion in Richmond from a Christmas tree, they are dangerous things after they have been in a heated house a few days, if they should catch on fire they will burn as fast as any thing saturated with kerosene Oil, and there is no way to put them out without great damage to your building by flooding with water, so you had better get yours out as quick as possible. We have had rain here for several days. It is not raining today but is very warm and bad weather for colds and Pneumonia. Montie has had a bad cold but think he is getting better. I am glad to say I have been free of one so far and am feeling fine. Love to Preston and all. Aff. Your brother, E.W. Morriss

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