Sunday, October 21, 2007

Rockbridge County Virginia, Mary T. Miller


A woman named Mary T. Miller writes a poignant plea to a Rockbridge County board—probably for welfare assistance. Her writing is quite illiterate with many words misspelled.

“GENTLE MEN OF ROCKBRIDGE COUNTY WHO ATTEND TO THE POOR OF GOD’S EARTH: as I am one of that number, I hope you will do what is just and right by me as I am in bad health and can’t appear myself before you.

Please think of me one minute I waited on that sick(?) man that had known him whom was as helpless as an infant babe. If it was your mother or wife that lost her (?) 5 weeks and could not get rid of her burden, what would not you think this a just cause?

I am a mother of 4 little helpless children and a crippled husband. Please, I will be thankful for whatever you think right for me.
From Mary T. Miller
In care of my mother Margaret Thompson.
I hope you will accept her to tend to this for me.”

Written on reverse is “Mrs. Miller’s petition to board of O. D(?).

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