Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Dean Letter From New York 1808

“Respected Friend,

John Draper,

I received thy letter and have included a rough sketch of a plate intended not only to be inserted in my work but will answer also for title to the slips repeated. The first that is headed in German text. “Large text words” Thou may alter in any manner thy fancy may suggest. I think the word “Designer” with the flourishes would look very well under the words “Large Text Words” which would make it read in this manner.

An Alphabetical set of

Large Text Words


For the use of Schools & Academics


Henry Dean”

The letter goes on to talk about if there is any alterations that need to be made he gives Draper permission to do so and that he wishes them to done on a “respected piece of copper”. Then on the second page of the letter he talks about another book….

“The title of this will read thus,

A New Set of

Round Text


Designed for the use of Academics


Henry Dean

I shall be much obliged if thou will do this plate for me immediately as I want it for titles to ship that are now printing. I should like thee to do about three more plates. There is about an equal quantity of ______ on them that there is on the enclosed. Thou will be able to ascertain the value of the engraving by the others……..The present I should like next eve by the swiftest stage in a week or 10 days and the remaining three by the 20th of next month……”

There is a bit more about the expense of the work done. He signs it “H. Dean New York 8 mo 8 1808.”

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