Friday, January 25, 2008

John Burgess & Edward Rutledge Letter

The letter begins :This indenture made the fifteenth day December one thousand eight hundred twelve Whitnesses John Burgess & Edward Rutledge tow of the overseers of the ( ) of ( ) County hath put Ann a free girl of colour apprentice to John Burgess of the ( ) County him faithfully to serve from the day of date hereof until she come to the age of eighteen or seven years & three months All which ( ) she shares her Master faithfully serve his secrets keep & his lawful commands obey She shall not waste his goods nor see it done by others without giving notice Thereof she shall not buy sell nor lend his goods She shall not contract matrimony ( ) ( ) At cards dice or any unlawful game shall not play whereby her Master may be charged

She shall not absent herself day or night from her Masters Service without his leave but in all things behave as a faithful apprentice ought to do and the said Master shall use his utmost endevors to teach or cause her to be taught and instructed in the ( ) of housewifery and ( ) and provide for her the apprentice sufficient drink washing lodging and apparel fitting for an apprentice during term and have her taught ( ) (several words marked through) and at the expiration of her servitude to give her one suit of clothes ( ) and for the ( ) performance of these comments and agreements either of the parties themselves unto the other by these presents In whitness thereof we have here unto set our hands & seals in the day and the year above whitness.

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