Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Charles W A Morton 1808

June 28 1808. Signed “Charles W A Morton” to Mr. Biggs:

“As Mr. Biggs has declined to act any longer in the capacity of second, Mr. Morton wishes to know, if Mr. Thompson has come to a definitive resolution upon the subject. Saturday was the day appointed for the encounter, and Mr. M is certainly entitled to the intermediate time for the purpose of providing his second, especially since the arrangements necessary to be made by a person acting in that relation, may be completed in a few hours. Mr. M. has been involved in a disagreeable predicament by the defection of him, who had originally undertaken his cause, and has hitherto been unsuccessful under the circumstances. Mr. M. relying on the honor and ability of Mr. B is willing, that he should act as the common friend on the occasion, and he conceived that his opponent cannot occur any possible disadvantage in consequence of the measure, and that his reputation requires an acquiescence in the proposal. If Mr. B absolutely declines, he is still ready to go out alone with Mr. T in the last resort, in pursuance of preliminary arrangements, written and agreed to between the parties. Charles W A Morton”.

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