Tuesday, October 12, 2010

T H Hough to Guy Hough 1837

Columbus Ohio green cds and 25 rate on 1837 stampless folded letter from Columbus to Ct., describing his trip to Ohio, via canal and railroad.

I arrived in NY the next morning and left immediately for Albany...and left the same evening for Utica, and arrived there before light the next morning-spent one day there, and then by canal went west 60 miles to Montizuma and then went south 10 miles to Seneca Falls to call on my friend Mr roberts...then continued on my journey to Rochester...then took passage on railroad to Batavia thirty two miles and stage from there to Buffalo about 40 miles- arrived at B-early next morning....we took a ride through some of the most pleasant streets
and enjoyed it extreemly well. In the afternoon Mr S and myself took passage on the rail road for the falls Niagara-distance 22 miles-arrived there in time to view the falls before ten.... I went under the falling sheet water to termination rock and was well compensated for all trouble and expense. Saturday I left Buffalo for Detroit-determined to see where and how the Hough settlement is situated... had a fine time crossing the lake-about 9 I was ready to mount my pony and go into the woods, and found our friends were about 50 miles north Detroit.
He finds his friends, and writes about them. they had 5-6 acres about burnt over he cut about 6-7 tons of hay, and nearly 80 bushel of wheat, and in 1/2 hour 150 potatoes - not much corn... I left saturday morning and arrived in Detroit same evening-early the next morning left for Cleveland...left in pack for Hebron, about 30 miles from this place. letter is to Guy Hough in Ct from T H Hough.

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