Monday, October 25, 2010


It is with pleasure I take my pen in hand to inform you that we are all well and hope that these will find you enjoying the same blessing. Yours I received it came the day I started for New York. I staid there over a year and did not see it till I came home. Since then I have neglected it. I hope you will pardon me for my negligence. We lived in New York five years, moved back and bought the corner house and land attached to it. Grandmother Griffin died a month after we returned. She was perfectly helpless with the palsey for two years before her death. In less than three years afterwards I was called to mourn the loss of a near and dear Father. He was confined to his bed only nine days. He died the 26th of January 1846 with the inflammation on the bowels. I hope our loss will be his eternal gain. He met with a change before his death. I cannot wish him back to suffer as he did. He had not enjoyed good health for the last twenty four years.

Uncle Philip Griffin commited suicide by hanging himself with a rope to a limb of a tree. He had the mumps about a year before he died and caught a cold with them. He was not crazy long before his death. He was with Father night and day while he was sick. No one knew he was crazy but his family till he hung himself. He was once heard to say he had no friend since his earthly friend was gone. He had nothing to live for. I expect he was crazy then. He died four months after Father.

Elisha works the farm. It is the talk he will be married between this and spring to Miss Mary Smith. Mr. Peter Bloom pay his ? to Anna. Aaron is the same Aaron yet Catharine Washburn is married to a Mr. Courbright from Plimmoth I believe. Mahala Hermans to Mr. Abram Duning one child. Martha Jane to Mr James Hays she has three children. Angaline to a A. Hendrick of Honesdale she has not done very well. Emma Hermans to Graham our school teacher they have two little boys. Polly to Mr Isaac Dean, Elisabeth Phiney to Mr Stone. Sarah Spencer to Isaac Depre. Sarah ‘s Mother died some three years ago. Her Father is married again to a young girl. Young enough to be his Daughter. Elisabeth Depre died about three years ago. Her father has gone to the west.

Mary Robinson is married to Doctor Pier one child. Catharine to Daniel Silkman two children. Holden to Sarah Shoemaker. Maria to William Shoemaker. Maria Snider not married yet nor Samuel Ward or Edward. This place is altered so you would hardly know it. Mr. Cottrell has built him a brick house. There is one Presbeterian Church and the Methodist has laid the foundation for their Church. It is a going to stand on a lot of our land and is a going to be built of brick. They calculate to finish it next summer. There is some seventy dwelling houses in the place, four stores, three parlor shops, two grocerys, two carriage shops, three Blacksmith, two carpenter shops and silversmith axe and sythe factory, one window sash, one sawmill, two gristmills, one district and two select school.

My cousin Miss Parsons has taught the select school for the last four years. Mrs Barlow the Presbeterian ministers wife the other Edmund lives in New York. He is Alderman of the first ward. Hiram lives there. He is engaged in taking the Census of the first ward. Not married yet. William is at home. I went out to New York last spring and staid four months. Edmund has two children a girl and boy since I have been home. I have been engaged painting and paparing our house. We moved our old house down opposite John Vaughn and just addition on it John Vaughn has four daughters, one son the youngest. The oldest girl is about seven good enough for the old bachelor. Lolly Stephens is most as large as Mother. I weigh one hundred and twenty six. Ann is larger then I am and taller. I presume you thought I had forgotten you. Never can I forget one that I have spent so many happy hours with when I have passed the old school house I have often thought of you. If I could recall those days how happy I should be when we sat side by side but those days are past and gone. Do you ever think of coming back once more to view this delightful valley and look on the faces of some of your old school mates. Anna was here yesterday. They were all well. Steward is about here. He is the same Steward yet. Give my love to Mrs Steward give my love to your mother and father and all the best of the children and except a share for yourself. Please excuse my scribbling for I wrote this at night and a poor pen. So good night write as soon as you get this.
No more at present.
I remain your affectionate friend,

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