Monday, November 05, 2007

1796 Moses Jewett New Salem, Massachusetts

Autograph Letter Signed from Moses Jewett, dated New Salem, Massachusetts, May 10, 1796. Addressed to Mr. David Joseph Mallibran. It reads, in full:

Dear Friend:

You formerly observed to me, in one of your letters that nothing made a more ridiculous figure in a man's life than the disparity we often find in him, sick and well; thus one of an unfortunate constitution is perpetually exhibiting a miserable example of weakness both of body and mind. Sickness is a kind of early old age, it teaches us a diffidence in our early state, and inspires us with the thoughts of a future; it gives so warning a concussion to those props of our vanity, our strength and youth that we then think of fortifying ourselves within, when there is so little dependence on external. Youth at the best is but a betrayer of human life in a gentler and smoother way than old age; it is like a stream that nourishes a plant on a bank and causes it to flourish and blossom in the sight and at the same time, it is undermining at the root. Happy are they, my friend who learn not to despair, but shall remember that though the day is past and their strength is wasted there yet remains one effort more to be made. Reformation is never hopeless, nor sincere endeavors ever unassisted, he who implores strength from above will find danger and difficulty give way before him.
...Moses Jewett."

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