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John Prince Knight. San Francisco California Letters

1850s San Francisco California Letters Item number: 330180082954

38 Pre Civil War Handwritten Letters. Most to: John Prince Knight. San Francisco California. And a few to other family members in Massachusetts. From: Most from Family Members & a few friends. Most from Boston & a few from other cities like Brighton, Germantown and one from Burlington College. & few other cities 1850 - 1866. Most later 1850s to early 1860s. [ 18 with year dates either on postmarks or letterheads & 20 without year dates] Mentions In Part: Visiting & Visitors - Wine bottle broke in Franks hand quite badly across the palm while drawing the cork - Sarahs wedding anf who attended - Henry Baldwin out in Brighton is engaged to a Sheep Killers daughter - Sleighing has been good - There is to be an ? immense cast at the Foundry and we expect several friends over to see the sight - The Brother Cup is perfect both in shape & color I can't imagine how it could have come such a distance - Daisy and Anna are playing and shaking the table so I can't write - Baby Daisy has Lung Fever, Dr. Channing - Trips to Brighton Massachusetts and New York City - Lydia talks of having a Ambrotype taken soon - Mr. Hooker took his dinner to the Mill to be ready for the train - Social at the House, all you will need is plenty of Light, you have lamps enough for the whole house but we have no oil, the can is at the Mill, got the Church cookery - Gift of a rocking chair - Goat attacked by dogs, men to the rescue - Their old friend Capt. Thomson died of cancer - Sick in bed for a number of weeks - Lovely Easter & Easter Sunday with flowers - New family dog named Dash, followed our old potato man came to see us - We had the house illuminated one night. A splendid procession formed on this street just in front of the house. The firing of the Cannon shook the house and caused one of the little ? lamp to fall from a bar on one of the front windows in my room ....., I threw a clock and shawl over the flames without sucess..... - It is prudent for you to be on the Wharf all night alone? - Writer updates John on all of the trees. The English Walnut you planted is eight feet high, Devils Walking Stick is about seven feet high ..... - Mr. Alger took us all over to the Foundry to see a large boiler for a Steam Ship cast - Mother died, I arrived the second day after the funeral - Mr. Bray has been making me a pair of skates from a mismatched old pair he found in the house. He took off the runners, fixed them onto a pair of Mahogany soles which he cut out very nicely .... & More.

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