Friday, November 23, 2007

Elmira Prison Letter 1864

Civil War Elmira NYV Prison Guard Letter Jan 9 1864 Item number: 320185669996

Civil War Soldiers Letter from Jacob Larben (or Larfen) of the NYV Prison Regiment to his brother John. Jacob was a Guard at Elmira Prison. The letter is dated January 9, 1864. The three paragraphs are divided into a rathre formal greeting and take my pen in hand kind of relationship. He looks forward to the war ending in the Spring and states that Father Lincoln is attempting to bring to a close this terrible occasion. Do not fear. The Union will win and the Sessionist will repent. The second paragraph gives a few details about Prison Camp duty: it reads as written: Prison duty thu it be safe is much harder on the spirit than would be the wizzing of shell and ball. The rebels here are a sad lot, wounds and disease take many and our provost are less than gentel when dealing with them.

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