Tuesday, November 13, 2007

1857 Abner J. Lowell Letter

1857 Abner J. Lowell Letter Item number: 230189476815

A May 25th 1857 letter from Abner J. Lowell to his cousin that mentions fishing voyage where "The Schooner was rolling rales (sic) under." It was written in small Point, and mentions a place called "Oak Hill". Abner says that the fishing voyage was rough for 48 hours. He also makes mention of the stationary being used and of the vignette which decorates it being a likeness of Col. J.C. Fremont.

I went and had a look in the 1860 United States Federal Census for Abner J. Lowell. I found a few people of intrest.

Abner Lowell Westbrook, Cumberland, Maine, 12, 1848 Maine
Abner Lowell Portland, Cumberland, Maine, 48, 1812 Maine
Abner T Lowell Bucksport, Hancock, Maine, 6, 1854 Maine
Abner Lowell Bucksport, Hancock, Maine, 62, 1798 Maine
Abner Lowell Palermo, Waldo, Maine, 15, 1845 Maine
Abner W Lowell Barnstable, Barnstable, Massachusetts, 57, 1803 Massachusetts
Abner Lowell Newburyport Ward 6, Essex, Massachusetts, 60, 1800 Massachusetts
Abner Lowell Raymond, Rockingham, Massachusetts, 35, 1825 New Hampshire

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