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Belle Kendrick Boyd to Fannie Kendrick, Alabama, 1898


Baxter, Ala

Feb. 16th, 1898

Dear Brother and Sister.

I one time more suit myself to drop you a few lines to let you know that all are well in the land of the living. We are not well at all. Peyton has been down for a week with the lagrippe, he is better though. Today the balance of us is up. I hope this will go swift to you and find you all well and doing well. Fannie, there have been a heap of changes took place in the last twelve months.

Aunt Pollie Stanley died this winter. I don't remember what day. Uncle Will K. wife died. With Brights Disease . Peel Hornell died of Storm Fever. Corlishia's second man died 1 year a go and not a great while later married again to Mr. Sean Parson. Her first children is about grown old. 1 yrs West has lost her mind. She is living with cousin Will.

Well Fannie, you needed to know Pa's death. He did talk a heap through his sickness but was so shattered we could not understand which he did not call any of us to him but Mollie and she could not go to see him for she was sick. You may rest assured that he was prepared to go. And recived the best of attention while he was sick. Buried nice and by Ma's grave. Pa died at Uncle Hortens cirid. They got every thing he had. I don't know whether he had any money or not but every body said he had. Uncle Hort would not let me and Peyton see in his trunk at all. I know he had about 80 dollars worth of stuff. I went down there to get his things and have them sold but they would not let me have anything to do with them.

Well I will not dwell on this to long but if you was here I could tell you a heap that would open your eyes. I can't write like I could talk. I am ill. There on of his children that is close enough to know anything about it and it grinds me to the bottom to think that they have done like they have. Ran burial expenses and doktor bill was $13.00 and Uncle Hort charged him $9.00 for him being there sick and charged me $4.00 for 1 week so he managed as to get everything. Pa was well cared for while sick.

Well I will close for this time. I will write sooner next time. I have got the headache to day.

Belle Boyd

Notes: Belle Boyd is Julia Belle Kendrick Boyd. She is the daughter of Mary Ellen Stanley and Jonis Wesley Kendrick. Belle married William Peyton Boyd (William Peyton is the son of William Boyd and Elizabeth Hobbs). Uncle Horton mentioned in the letter is Horton Ferris Kendrick.

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