Saturday, November 27, 2004

Civil War: Sallie Howell to Pembroke Scott, 118th Ohio, 1863

from Pembroke S. Scott who was a member of the 118th Regiment, Ohio Volunteers Infantry. He entered the war on August 11, 1862 & was killed May 14, 1864 in the Battle of Resaca, Ga.- the first Major Battle in the campaign for Atlanta.

This particular letter was written by Sallie Howell and sent to Pembroke. It reads:

Feb. 18th, 1863

Mr. Scott,

Thinking as you did about writing to some body or some body else I concluded I would write you a few lines telling you about the country and people. Well there has not been much change in the country since you left. I believe the most perceptible is the one caused from the transisition of the seasons when you left-the people were gathering in the harvest-and filling their granaries. Now it is muddy and the farmers are sitting by the fire smoking their pipes and reading the news.

Well, I believe the people are living just as they were when you left, quiet and happy, with the exception of their thoughts for the soldiers that are now so gallantly standing by the old stars and stripes. The banner of our country, and the free government of our own United States of America. But I think we need not fear but that our army will soon triumph.

You desired me to tell you about Phebe, I saw her last Sunday at church. I think she is just as pretty as ever, surely as mischievous. My sisters are all well. Lucy and Beck is going to school they say to remember them to you enthusiasticly and say they wish you were near so that they could visit you and get a good dinner. Harrison? is well and is preparing to go to plowing, he wishes you a safe return home.

Please excuse poor writing and bad spelling. Please write soon.

Yours respectfully, Sallie Howell.

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