Saturday, November 27, 2004

Henry Noyce, Maryland to Thomas Noyce, New York, 1843

This stampless letter has a circular date stamp for BALTIMORE R[AIL] ROAD [the AIL is too faint to see / weak strike], and is addressed to Thos. Noyce, P.M. [postmaster], East Painted Post, Steuben co., N.Y., and is a three page 'Dear Father' letter written by Henry.

The headline is Baltimore Md Saturday morn. Docketing on a fold has H.B. Noyes, July 15/43 [1843].

Some abstracts:

"We finished counting & delivering the lumber last eve & have the tally sheets all examined ..." "Mary Ann is at home but goes to Lyme again this summer. If we have no trouble shall leave for Philad. [??] this eve."

"John Noyes made a great mistake when he decided not to come to this city as Doct Lee who he would have associated himself with has since died & the person who took the store is doing a very fine business."

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