Sunday, November 07, 2004

Edd Egger, Arkansas 1918


336th Recruiting Barrack,
Camp Pike, Ark.
May, 1918

Hello papa how are you?

By this time I am all ok and hope you are the same. Well I was glad to get that letter from you. I was glad to know the crop is doing all right and to know Ruben is doing all rite. Well, I have not got but one letter from Emma since I have been gone.

Well I don't know whether I will get off for the marrying. They said for me to return the papers about the 10th of this month and see what we could do. Well I have sent it up and all I like is for the head quarters signing it. Just but thirty days and that maybe the reason.

Well I will rite you again as soon as I can and you will know what I am to do later. If not then I would sure be lifted up if you will send me one of their pictures that were made of them marrying. I sure would like to see you all are the best family in the world.

Well Frances, will you take the stuffing over to Aunt Florence and make me a pillow and send it? I will sure be glad if you will.

I guess I had better close for this time. So be good till we meet again.

From W.E. Egger to one and all.

Notes: W.E.Egger is William "Edd" Edward Egger, the son of Fannie Clara Kendrick and James Holland Egger. Frances is his sister (Mary Frances Egger). Florence is Florence Given's. He will marry Emma Johnson that is mentioned in the letter. I believe that Ruben is his horse.

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