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James Holland Egger to Fannie Clara Kendrick 1867

Submitter E-mail:

April 11th, 1867

Dear Fannie, I am better now that you have written me the answer. I am your beloved. The letter has filled my heart. I have had the pleasure of reading yesterday, your feelings of love so close to my heart. You are my love and you are the dearest complement for my heart. Now that I know you love me, please excuse my manners when I saw you, for I can no longer hide that I always thought. You were the prettiest one that I had ever seen.

That day that we saw each other, I hoped that you wouldn't think ill of me for telling you so. I will tell you again when you get here. You may believe me, my needs for you are from my heart. My heart is filled with love and it's bleeding because we are parted. Your yes in this world leads me to believe in love. I will suppose to close for this time and wait to hear from you again soon for nothing could give me more pleasure than to read your letters.

So good by Fannie,
J.H. Egger

Notes: Written to Fannie Clara Kendrick from James Holland Egger, Jr., just after the Civil War. They would marry, have children, and be in love for the rest of their time together. He would write poems, plant gardens and fashion bracelets for her to show his love for the next fifteen years. Fannie would then die in child birth with their tenth child.

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