Sunday, November 07, 2004

William Egger, Arkansas, 1918

Help Your Country by Saving, Write on BOTH Sides of This Paper.

5 Co. 1st Regiment Inf. Replacement Camp,
Camp Pike, Ark
June 22, 1918

Hello Papa,

How are you? By this time fine I hope. Well I am all ok and I hope you are all well. Well I was sure glad to get that pillow. Well I have moved today and I have not saw you a while. I hope you will come and see me and bring me a apple that grounded at the house.

I am going to France the 15th of July. Will I hope that George won't haft to go to the war. Well tell Mandie and Exeum I said hello and tell George and Rosie hello. Well tell Exeum I will write to them when I get more time. Well I have got three stamps and have not wrote Marcy. I haven't got a cent. I can't get you all a present till I get some money. I wil get paid the first of this month.

Well I can't think of much to write. Will tell all the boys to come down. We are going to parade Little Rock the forth of July and I hope we will get to see how you and the boys is. Well I will close for this time so answer soon and a large letter for sure.

To one and all, William E. Egger.

Notes: This letter is from William "Edd" Edward Egger, the son of Fannie Clara Kendrick and James Holland Egger, Jr. The apple grounded at the house was for good luck. George is Edd's little brother. Mandie and Exeum are Exeum Claphos Egger (Edd's older brother) and Amanda "Mandie" Bost. They will marry soon after this letter was written. The George and Rosie that are mentioned in the letter are George Egger (Edd's little brother) and George's "intended", Rosie McNabb.

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