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J. H. Egger, Arkansas 1903

E.G. Mitchell, Circuit Judge ~ J.M. Shinn, Prosecuting Attorney A.B. Couch, Circuit & County Clerk ~ J.W. Hatchett, Sheriff E. Hall, County and Probate Judge ~ S.H. Bradley, Treasurer A.S. Jones, Assessor ~ H.P. Lay, Surveyor

HOMESTEAD COST. 160 acres, $15.15 120 acres, $14. 15 80 acres, $ 8.10 40 acres, $ 7.10 FINAL PROOF COST 160 acres, $11.60 120 acres, $10.60 80 acres, $ 9.60 40 acres, $ 8.60 OFFICE OF A.B. COUCH, CLERK ~ J.A. THOMAS, D.C. COUNTY AND CIRCUIT CLERK VAN BUREN COUNTY

Special pains taken in assisting Homesteaders to obtain the correct numbers
Clinton, Ark.
June 22, 1903
Mr. J. H. Egger,
Edge, Arkansas.

My Dear Sir & Friend; As per promise last Saturday, I send you herewith my personal check on Van Buren County Bank for Three and 34/100 ($3.34) dollars, the amount you had deposited with me for tuckerrytion. If the land remains unredeemed until the 11th day of next June, I will certify the same to the state, at which time it will become state land and be subject to dontation. Please bar in mind the date. But if you should purchase it before that time, the proper thing for you to do would be redeem it before it is certified as state lands. Wishing you much success and thanking you for your past personal favors I bring to memory.

Your friend, AB Couch

P.S. Sign your name across the back of this check and Missns' Lefter and Luidsey will cash it for you. ABC

Notes: J.H. Egger is James Holland Egger.

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