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J. H. Egger, Arkansas 1896

Letter to Mr. J.H. Egger,
Edge P.O.
Van Buren Co, Ark

After 14 days return to S.J. Stanley, Lawsonville, Texas

Lawsonville Texas,
July the 13th, 1896

Mr. J.H. Egger, Edge Ark.

Dear Cousin and family.

I take my pen in hand to drop you a few lines and to your kin. Your kind letter which came safe to hand in dire time. Was glad to hear from you all once more and that you were all well. This finds us all well at this time. I have no news of importance to write. Crops are very good in this community. Though our corn is short and wobbly on account of dry weather. A large fraction of Texas is a failure on account of drought. I think I will make plenty of corn and to spare. Cabbage looks fine at this time.

Well cousins Fanny, I would be so glad to see you all. I feel like I could sit and tealk to you all a week. Well I will tell you about my family. We have 5 children. 4 girls & one boy. Lealia May is the oldest, 13 years old. Lillie Belle Next 9 years old. Early Roscoe Next 7 years old. Our last ones are twins. Their names are Bulah & Lula. They are 3 years old the 14 of this month. They are mitey pretty and sweet but they don't favor much. Sister Dacia has his very sick but is up again. Her trouble was.... neuraligia. She has bin troubled with it off and on for15 years. I recall she has suffered ten thousand deaths. She has four children. 3 girls and a boy. They live a half mile from us. Dacia wanted to write some to you in my letter but is not able. She will write some next time.

Well Hallond, we met every night to be here to help me eat watermelons. We have had some mighty fine ones. My best one weighed 42 pounds. Land is worth from 3 to 10 dollars for an acre average. I have as good neighbors as I want. Our land is red land and lies well.

Cousin Fannie, when you write again, tell me when you have heard from your grandpa and grandma. Also from George and Fanny I don't reckon they ever will write to me anymore. I think Fanny has treated sister Betty ferrly shabby.

I left Ala. Last Dec and sister Betty I don't think had heard from her in about 50 years I reckon she is too rich to write to poor kin. Mattie says tell you she would be glad to see you. She sends her love and respects to you all.

Cousin Fannie I have got a good woman for a wife so with many good wishes from you all I close asking you all to write some and give all the news.

We are as ever, your cousins, S.J & N.A. Stanley.

P.S. I forgot to say we have 2 children dead both are boys. Died in infancy.

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