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Fannie Kendrick Egger from Julia Kendrick Boyd, Alabama, 1897


June 3, 1897
Baxter Alabama
Mrs. F. C. Egger
Edge, Ark

June 2nd , 1897 Baxter, Alabama
Mrs. F. C . Egger,

Dear beloved brother and sister. It is with a trembling hand I write you this letter to tell you pa's death wich occurred the 20th of May. He was taken sick on Thursday and died Fri. Next he was taken with the chills and paralisis had 2 doctors with him. He died at Uncle Horts. He rented sheds and Nicholas's wife the first of the year and wis living by his self when he got sick. I begged him not to go there but he would have his own way. He got so he would not do. I wanted him to he would not stay with us long at a time. I was with him all through his sickness and we all done all we could for him

I would have wrote to you sooner but we have all been sick with the chills. Aunt and Uncle Hort said they was going to write to you soon. We are all well now, but the baby he has got the flux. Baby was borned the 17 Jan. Named him Victor Wilmont. I don't think pa had anything but his horse and I guess that will go to pay his expenses.

Oh how I wish you was here. It seems like I need you worse than I ever did in life. Well I don't know how to write to you but if you was here I could tell you a heap. Have all had the chills so much till we are all amighty nigh dead. I wrote you a card but I don't know whether you will get it or not. Pa died mighty easy. He was like he just went to sleep. Never struggled at all.

Cara has 2 children Emeo Jan said she wanted to see you that wanting was all she could do. Jan there was no chance a see you she knowed likely live in Calidonia.

Well I will close. Aunt Polly is getting write purple. Aunt Beth Lance is rite purity. Cousin Sis sends us love to you all and said she often thought of you. Well I will close and I want to write Cornelia a letter.

Write soon, your sister, Belle Boyd.

Notes: Written by Julia Belle Kendrick Boyd to her sister and brother in law (Fannie Clara Kendrick and James Holland Egger, Jr.)

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