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J. H. Egger, Arkansas, 1929


Scotland, Ark
Aug. 12, 1929
Mr. J.H. Egger

Kind Friend,

Francis handed me a letter from you the other day in regard to the oak timber on your place. You have a large amount of red oak but we have no market for it yet. In regard to the balance due you in fine timber, do you remember when we bought the mill from Jack Williams we cut 40 thousand ft. of my timber which you was due me half that much timber off of your place, but I never got any.

Mr. Egger, I have always thought you was an honest man. If you are, you will consider this account if it is a few years past. You are due me for a little timber you got pasture near 10 years ago, you intended to put in some timber at the mill to pay for same. There was only some where abouts 500 ft. So let me heare from you about this.

Do as you would be done by and I will be satisfied. We are facing the hardest time here that we have ever had. People are leaving here almost ever day. We have the sorryiest crop I have ever saw. I can't sell anything. I am going some where to work to get something to live on this coming winter. I am broke up. Don't thank there will be enough corn made here to bread the people.

Your Friend, C. E. Reed

Notes: J.H.Egger is James Holland Egger, son of James Holland Egger Sr. and Margaret Ann Kolb Egger Givens. J.H. Egger owned a shingle and lumber mill in Arkansas. Francis is the daughter of J.H. Egger (her name is Mary Frances Egger). I'm not sure who C. E. Reed is, but apparently he lived in the area and they were friends.

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